Art was born and raised in Vermont before joining the Army. A Vietnam veteran, Art had a military career that spanned over twenty years and took him all over the world. Art went on to become an electronics and communications technician. After retiring as a Drill Instructor in 1993, Art spent time with family until a violent episode occurred that resulted in a three-year incarceration. Upon his release, Art wandered from place to place, traveling from the U. S. East Coast to the West Coast, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Florida, before finally ending up in Boston. Art discovered educational opportunities in Boston and began to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. While going to school, Art became very involved with various community organizations. He volunteers his time with the Speakers’ Bureau, The New England Center and Home for Veterans and the Veterans Upward Bound Program, helping veterans learn computer skills. After graduating from UMass Boston in December 2014, Art next hopes to become certified in addictions counseling and obtain employment helping fellow homeless veterans achieve their potential.