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What We Believe

The Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance (MHSA) is a nonprofit, public policy advocacy organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Massachusetts. We know that homelessness is a solvable problem, and we believe this solution can be achieved through effective public policy that is rooted in research and best practices. While shelters and homeless services have saved lives, it is time to move beyond this emergency response. MHSA advocates for a transformation of our homelessness response system to a system that focuses on triage and assessment, short-term shelter, rapid re-housing, and permanent supportive housing.

Work with Service Providers

Work with Service Providers

Member Agencies

MHSA’s advocacy is shaped by the on-the-ground experience of 87 MHSA member agencies that serve homeless individuals across Massachusetts. We use our unique position between public agencies and homeless service providers to incubate innovative responses to homelessness and direct resources toward solutions with the greatest impact.  


MHSA administers emergency shelter beds, transitional housing units, rapid re-housing funds, and permanent supportive housing units in over 30 cities and towns across Massachusetts. Our expertise in technical assistance, data collection and program evaluation informs our advocacy, ensuring that our work to end homelessness is shaped by measurable experience from the field.

Work with the Government

Work with the Government


MHSA is committed to collaborating with local communities to implement housing-focused responses to homelessness. From our work to bring Housing First to Gloucester to our active engagement in the City of Boston’s campaign to end homelessness among veterans, we provide resources and technical assistance for local efforts to end homelessness.  


MHSA advocates with both the legislative and executive branches of state government, calling for the strategic use of public resources, appropriate discharge planning and integrated care for homeless individuals. Our advocacy resulted in the creation of the first-ever line item in the Massachusetts State Budget that funds a statewide Housing First initiative – Home & Healthy for Good.


MHSA mobilizes our member agencies and supporters to advocate with Members of Congress for increased federal funding for the housing-focused initiatives that are working on the ground here in Massachusetts.

Work with National Partners

Work with National Partners

MHSA works with jurisdictions across the United States to promote the replication of initiatives integrating health care and housing, reducing the public’s reliance on costly emergency resources. MHSA has played a critical role in the growing utilization of Medicaid as a way of providing support services for formerly homeless individuals.

Work with Donors Like You

Work with Donors Like You

None of these partnerships would be possible without the support of the partners who share our dedication to ending homelessness:

Individual donors

who are committed to our mission.  

Corporate partners

who support our annual fundraising event, serve on our Board of Directors and are active members of the MHSA Young Professional Group (MHSA YPG).

Local, statewide, national, and international foundations

that support new initiatives and ongoing programs.

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