The U.S. Census Bureau is Hiring Field Representatives

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring field representatives.

The Census Bureau conducts more than 130 surveys every year. Its ability to conduct continuous surveys — other than the once-a-decade population count — depends on survey takers in the field and its Regional Offices are hiring these workers.

Even though the Census Bureau is gearing up to hire workers for the 2020 Census, it still needs field representatives for its other ongoing surveys. This is where you can help!

Encourage members of your community to be a part of the Census Bureau team — benefits include flexible hours, meeting people and working outside of the office environment.

Field Representatives perform a variety of vital functions, such as updating address lists and maps; conducting interviews with residents in assigned areas; explaining the purpose of the census interview; and answering residents' questions. Hours of work for field positions will vary - some require employees to work during the day to see addresses on buildings, while others require interviewing the public usually in the evening and on weekends.


For more information, go to: Field Jobs by State