Pay for Success: A Cost-Effective Solution to Chronic Homelessness

Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) chronicles social innovations and enterprises addressing the nation's most challenging issues surrounding social policy, leadership, human capital, and systems.

In its inaugural Boston Edition, SIJ has published an article that provides an evaluation of the Commonwealth's and MHSA's first homeless social innovation Pay for Success (PFS) initiative. Co-authored by Singumbe Muyeba, PhD, Joe Finn and Tom Brigham of MHSA, the article highlights the impact of PFS on housing retention, utilization of emergency services, and cost-savings. "Overall, PFS is successful in housing and retaining homeless high utilizers while reducing costs to the public," the article states.

To date, 621 individuals have been housed through PFS. Learn more in the December 2017 PFS Fact Sheet!

We are grateful to our Pay for Success partners, member agencies and supporters like you. Thanks to your help, MHSA is able to continue implementing innovative solutions that reduce public reliance onemergency resources and give our neighbors a place to call home.

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