FY16 House Ways & Means Budget Released

Today the Massachusetts House Ways & Means Committee released its Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) Budget. The budget includes:

  • A $2 million increase to the Special Initiative to House the Homeless Mentally Ill Line Item (5046-2000)
  • A small increase to the Individual Assistance Line Item (7004-0102) to $43,200,335
  • Level funding for the Home & Healthy for Good Line Item (7004-0104) at $1,800,000
  • An increase to the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program Line Item (7004-9024) to $90,931,597
  • An increase to the Division of Substance Abuse Services Line Item (4512-0200) to $97,075,501

MHSA will continue to analyze the budget and pass along information through each step of the budget process.

View the FY16 House Ways & Means Budget.