Get involved

Join MHSA as we revolutionize the way homelessness is addressed in Massachusetts.

Ending homelessness in Massachusetts is within our reach. Now more than ever, we need your support to help us reach this goal.

We welcome you as a partner in our efforts. Below are some ways you can become involved with MHSA:

  • Donate to MHSA. Your gifts are vital to ensuring that Massachusetts moves beyond emergency responses to permanent solutions to homelessness.
  • Advocate. Let your legislators know you care about ending homelessness. Click here to retrieve contact information for your state and federal legislators.
  • Host a MHSA Speakers' Bureau presentation.
  • Connect with Social Action Massachusetts (SAM). Founded in 1976 and now a program of MHSA, SAM partners with people of diverse religious and ethical commitments to end homelessness.
  • Attend a MHSA Young Professionals Group meeting or event. The MHSA Young Professionals Group allows people to learn about homelessness - and how to end it - while having a great time!
  • Volunteer. Contribute your skills and time to efforts to end homelessness!

For more information about ways to get involved, please contact Suzanne Gabriel at or 617-367-6447 ext. 10.