New Beginnings

As we emerge from a difficult winter and embrace the start of spring, I am thinking about beginnings. In just the last few weeks, we worked with our partners to house the first tenants in the groundbreaking Pay for Success initiative – an initiative that is positioned to expand permanent supportive housing across Massachusetts. Through our rapid re-housing program and our initiatives focused on veterans and young adults, MHSA and our partners continue to assist people experience homelessness access their own new beginnings with the stability of place to call home. In the words of Toni, a Home & Healthy for Good tenant, “Once I had the stability of permanent housing, then I could plan the start of the rest of my life.”

MHSA is committed to ending homelessness in Massachusetts through innovative housing and service solutions. We know that homelessness cannot be solved without addressing the critical need for flexible housing and service responses to meet the diverse needs of homeless people. We also know that we can’t do this without your help. Every day, we rely on the support of MHSA member agencies, government officials, community partners, donors and people who have experienced homelessness themselves, as we work to transform the homelessness response system in Massachusetts to a system focused on moving people into housing with access to the appropriate support services.

In future blog posts, we’ll introduce you to the incredible people and organizations that are tirelessly pursuing this transformation. You’ll meet members of our Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau, who share their personal experiences with homelessness with schools, religious organizations and community groups across the Commonwealth. We’ll share advocacy alerts, news articles, event invitations, and many more ways to get involved in the work of ending homelessness in Massachusetts.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post or would like to suggest a topic for the blog, we invite you to contact Caitlin Golden at

This is only the beginning of the discussion. Join us!


Joe Finn
MHSA President & Executive Director


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