MHSA YPG Member Spotlight: Olga Yasinnik

The MHSA Young Professionals Group (MHSA YPG) is dedicated to creating a dynamic environment that fosters connections between young professionals as they engage in ending homelessness. As the group continues to grow, we have launched a member spotlight series that highlights the different experiences of young professionals who are currently involved with MHSA YPG. This week, you’ll learn more about Olga Yasinnik and her time with MHSA YPG!

MHSA YPG Member: Olga Yasinnik, CPA, MBA
Manager, AAFCPAs

How long have you been a part of MHSA YPG?
I have been involved with MHSA for 5 years in an advisory role, and a member of the YPG for a year and a half.

Why did you become involved?
I work with non-profit organizations at AAFCPAs, and cannot help but become infused with a shared passion and fully engaged in the same causes. I see firsthand how important it is for non-profits to attract and engage young, passionate people to support the mission. It ensures sustainability.

If someone asked you to describe the work that MHSA does, what would you say?
MHSA’s mission is to [effectively] end homelessness in Massachusetts. Their innovative approach has successfully resulted in both reducing the homeless population and saving the Commonwealth money to their work with agencies involved in providing direct care. MHSA’s employees and members work tirelessly to transform the old views on the issue of homelessness and the ineffective attempts to solve it to new, more successful, data-supported methods.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of MHSA YPG?
I very much enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals who want to play an active role in improving the lives of our communities’ most vulnerable populations. Participating in MHSA’s events always leaves me energized and optimistic about the impact I can make as an individual, and my outlook on the future.

What is your vision for the future of MHSA YPG?
I’d like to keep growing MHSA YPG and involve more people. I’d like to see us doing presentations in high schools and colleges to motivate young people to get engaged in the lives of their communities and to find causes that evoke passion in them. MHSA YPG has a great energy and enthusiasm and I hope we can share it with other young people so that MHSA, other non-profit organizations and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can benefit from creative ideas, compassion, and dedication of each future generation.

To learn more about MHSA YPG, visit our page and like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay connected! If you would like to get involved, contact or call 617-367-6447.

Photograph above: Olga Yasinnik (right) with a colleague at MHSA YPG "Homecoming" fundraiser in 2016.

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