What we do

MHSA focuses on transforming the traditional emergency response to homelessness into a system that prioritizes best practices and long-term solutions. MHSA’s advocacy, rigorous data evaluation and innovative program development demonstrate that providing permanent housing with supportive services is in the best interest of homeless individuals, government and society at large.

MHSA was founded in 1988 by Greater Boston homeless service providers and citizens seeking to create a coordinated strategy to end homelessness. Today, MHSA membership includes 85 community-based agencies operating programs that serve homeless individuals across Massachusetts. MHSA advocates at the local, state and federal levels for policy and practice to end homelessness through the development of strategies that address the intertwined and unmet health care, income and housing needs of homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness.

What we do:

  • EDUCATE about the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness and about solutions to homelessness. 
  • ADVOCATE for strategic use of public and private funding based on data analysis and proven best practices.
  • INNOVATE cost-effective solutions to homelessness that prioritize housing and appropriate support services.
  • COLLABORATE with all levels of government in addition to the public and private sectors to bring our neighbors home for good.

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