Hospital to Housing

Bernadette Di Re, CEO, United Healthcare Community Plan of Massachusetts, joins former New England Patriots player Jerod Mayo, Optum Senior Vice President, Business Development, at the 2016 MHSA Annual Meeting. The event concluded with a special presentation from United Health Foundation in which Di Re announced that MHSA is receiving a $1.7 million partnership grant for the new Hospital to Housing initiative. Photo credit: David Fox Photographer.

Thanks to generous support from United Health Foundation, MHSA is partnering with Beacon Health Options/Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (Beacon/MBHP) for Hospital to Housing (H to H), a new initiative aimed at identifying and linking adults experiencing homelessness who have serious mental illness and an established history of frequent behavioral health hospitalization to permanent supportive housing. H to H is unique in that it will build relationships between Beacon/MBHP and permanent supportive housing providers through the introduction of five Community Health Workers (CHWs) who will be located in Boston, Lowell and Pittsfield. The CHWs will identify Beacon/MBHP Members who are experiencing homelessness and are eligible for participation; assist them with accessing permanent housing, behavioral health and primary care, and other resources; and provide support to these individuals as well as to formerly homeless individuals who have already been placed into housing, in an effort to reduce hospitalizations and improve the health of participants. MHSA and Beacon/MBHP will collaborate to evaluate the impact of the program and report on cost savings, changes in service utilization and other measures.