Young Professionals Group

The MHSA Young Professionals Group (MHSA YPG) is dedicated to creating a dynamic environment that fosters connections between young professionals as they engage in ending homelessness.

MHSA YPG accomplishes this by:

  • Educating ourselves and others about solutions to homelessness
  • Volunteering our time in service activities
  • Planning fundraising, networking and social events

Through these activities, we advance the mission of the Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance, a statewide nonprofit public policy advocacy organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the Commonwealth.



YPG Events

Stay tuned for new events coming this fall! 

Member and Community Engagement Committee

The aim of this group is to connect MHSA YPG with corporate entities as well as other young professional groups in and around Boston. They are the main recruiters of new, interested professionals and will work with MHSA development team to create a recruitment strategy.

Special Events Committee

The main objective of this committee is to ensure that our events are a success. Through their work with MHSA’s development team, this group will be involved in the process of securing event spaces, catering needs, raffle (when necessary), registration, and all other aspects of event planning. They will work closely with MHSA’s development team as the point people for each event.

Marketing Promotions Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting MHSA YPG events and expanding the breadth of our outreach. The goal is to engage more people and hopefully get more people to attend our events. This year, the goal is to be consistent with social media. This group is charged with developing ideas for posts on our Facebook page (segments, memes, etc.), finding new avenues to promote MHSA YPG events and tapping into resources from other volunteers to expand the reach of our organization.

YPG Leadership Team

Executive Committee

Kyle McDevitt
MHSA YPG role: President
Analyst, AEW Capital Management

MHSA YPG role: Secretary

Committee Chairs

MHSA YPG role: Special Events

Bernadette Hasson
MHSA YPG role: Marketing Promotions
Producer/Shooter/Editor, Park Avenue Video

Monique Derico
MHSA YPG role: Community and Member Relations
Account Coordinator, Schneider Associates



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For more information, contact us at or 617-367-6447 x29.