Social Action Massachusetts

Social Action Massachusetts (SAM) partners with people of diverse religious and ethical commitments to end homelessness. Founded in 1976 as Social Action Ministries, SAM is now a program of MHSA. Through educational workshops, advocacy opportunities and other initiatives, SAM is dedicated to supporting people of faith and ethical commitment in learning about homelessness and taking action to end homelessness in their communities.

SAM invites you and your community to become a SAM member and join us in ending homelessness in Massachusetts.

Stay Connected

Sign up for the SAM mailing list to receive advocacy alerts, educational opportunities and other updates about efforts to end homelessness in Massachusetts. Email Caitlin Golden at to join the list!

Take Action

  • Encourage your community to become a member of SAM and join people of diverse faith and ethical commitments from across Massachusetts in efforts to end homelessness.
  • Educate yourself and your community about homelessness and its solutions. Bring a MHSA Speakers' Bureau presentation to your community!
  • Advocate for permanent housing and appropriate services in your community and across Massachusetts—sign up for our advocacy alerts to get started!
  • Collaborate with others across religious and philosophical boundaries and explore concrete ways that you can work together to end homelessness.
  • Build relationships with others in your community dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness. SAM can help you get more involved or share your community’s work with other communities of faith or ethical commitment locally or statewide.

For more information about SAM, contact Caitlin Golden at or 617-367-6447 x28.