Paul S.

Paul was born and raised in the Boston area, but spent most of his adult life in Texas. Working for a life and health insurance company located in Houston, Paul quickly moved his way up from entry level positions, gaining skills in administration, software systems and acquisitions. After his wife passed away, Paul needed a change, so he moved to Austin to focus on work. He later started his own company in Houston. In 2002, his business was severely affected by the collapsing economy in the area; at the same time, Paul fell ill and needed to move back to Massachusetts to be with family. After years of challenges and struggles, Paul re-evaluated his life pursuits and began to focus his skills and expertise on helping others. After volunteering with many nonprofit organizations, Paul learned of the Speakers’ Bureau and was motivated to join in order to help educate communities about the realities of homelessness. Paul also enjoys local politics, painting and photography. He received a scholarship to study photography at the Museum of Fine Arts in 2014.