"BEYOND THE BRIDGE: A Solution to Homelessness"

A Bigger Vision Studio has launched a crowd-funding campaign for their new film "BEYOND THE BRIDGE: A Solution to Homelessness." They produced the impactful 2016 documentary "UNDER THE BRIDGE: The Criminalization of Homelessness," which focused on the eviction of a homeless encampment, or "tent city," in Indianapolis. The film prompted an ordinance in 2016 that prevented Indianapolis from closing such a camp without providing alternative living conditions for the individuals staying there.

This time, they will explore solutions to end homelessness.

In their new venture, A Bigger Vision will assess Housing First programs around the country, and Massachusetts is one of the states they will focus on. MHSA supports A Bigger Vision's fundraising efforts, and we strongly urge you to contribute as well. With only a month left to reach their fundraising goal, please consider giving today.

Click here to donate.

As a thank you for your support of this project, you could receive recognition such as a shout out on Twitter, a private film screening, or even Executive Producer credit. Every dollar counts!

Contributing to this project will help further the push for affordable housing with supportive services. If A Bigger Vision's previous projects are any indication, this new film could also help influence political will toward prioritizing bringing our neighbors off the streets, out of shelters and into their own homes.

Please consider giving any amount you are able to, and click here to read more about the documentary in the Huffington Post.

Thank you,

Joe Finn
MHSA President & Executive Director