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The Commonwealth's Premier Housing First Initiative: Home & Healthy for Good

Home & Healthy for Good (HHG), a program of MHSA, is leading the housing revolution in Massachusetts, moving the Commonwealth ever closer to a humane, efficient and cost-effective solution to chronic homelessness. In 2010, Home & Healthy for Good was selected as a Social Innovator by Root Cause and its Social Innovation Forum. Click here to read more about the award.

HHG is based upon a significant paradigm shift in addressing the costly phenomenon of homelessness: Housing First. As a result of mounting evidence from around the country that Housing First strategies result in tremendous cost savings to cities and states and a decrease in chronic homelessness, the Massachusetts Legislature passed line item 4406-3010 in the FY07 state budget to fund HHG, a pilot Housing First program for chronically homeless individuals. Eight years later, HHG is still funded through the Massachusetts state budget now, through line item 7004-0104.

An evaluation of this innovative initiative, with a focus on cost per participant and projected cost savings in state-funded programs, is ongoing.

Highlights of the January 2015 Home & Healthy for Good Report:

  • Since the founding of Home & Healthy for Good (HHG) in 2006, 813 formerly chronically homeless people have been placed into permanent housing with supportive services. 
  • The annual costs per person decreased from $33,446 before housing to $24,107 after housing placement, resulting in an annual savings of $9,339 per person.

Click here for the full report.

CBS Evening News highlights Home & Healthy for Good.
On February 23, 2012, HHG was the focus of a report by CBS Evening News correspondent Seth Doane called "Mass. doctor's prescription for homelessness." CBS reported on some of the partners involved in the initiative, including MHSA member agencies Father Bill's & MainSpring and Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.

Listen to Dr. Jessie Gaeta on Talk of the Nation's "What Works" segment from August 3, 2009.
Dr. Gaeta discussed the breakthrough results of Home & Healthy for Good. You can listen to the interview titled "Home & Healthy for Good Fixes Homelessness" here. Or, read the transcript by clicking here.

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